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Leann Connolly and Narelle Mangham have teamed up to bring you the very best in targeted Pilates training.

Pilates is the perfect accompaniment to your existing exercise regime, or it can become the start of a lifetime dedication to exercise and health. The simple truth is that IT WORKS.

The aim of Body Tailored Pilates is to provide a very individual approach to your pilates experience. The classes we teach have been designed to ensure that you work in a way in which you feel comfortable and get the most benefit from. Our classes range from Dynamic Pilates, Fab Abs, Pre and Post-Natal, to Ski-Fit Pilates and Pilates for Flexibility. We are looking to develop classes for men, rehabilitation, relaxation and fit club pilates for children of 10 years and above.

Our classes will have a maximum of 8 clients per session. We want to get to know you, motivate you, progress you and ensure that you achieve your goals and develop a passion for Pilates.

“I rarely go to classes because I often feel intimidated - but your Pilates beginner class made me feel really good about myself”

“I have a prolapsed disc in my back which has caused me problems for a number of years and as a result I regularly do a Pilates class as it helps my back enormously. With Leann’s classes I have not had an incident with my back for two years!”