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No time to get to a class? Our timetable doesn't fit your schedule? Then we'll come to you.

On your own or with a couple of friends, in your home or even your office, we can come and teach on a 1 to 1, 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 basis.

We always work with small groups, but you may like some very specific attention, or just some privacy. We'll schedule your regular sessions for a mutually convenient time, and devlop a personalised program. You should pick up the techniques quicker and see a speedier progression and development. If you are already proficient in Pilates we can develop the exercise with equipment to further enhance your core strength, tone and strength.


"My tummy was never flat after I had my baby and then Leann told me I had separation. This has changed my life and now with focussed exercises I have a flat tummy again"

"I can now run for 20 mins and when I first met you my pelvic floor was so weak I couldn't run for the bus"

"You are my inspiration! I have changed my body completely and feel so much stronger"