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Pilates is the perfect accompaniment to your existing exercise regime, or it can become the start of a lifetime dedication to exercise and health. The simple truth is that IT WORKS.

The aim of Body Tailored Pilates is to provide a very individual approach to your pilates experience. The classes we teach have been designed to ensure that you work in a way in which you feel comfortable and get the most benefit from.


This class will teach the ABC of Pilates (alignment, breathing and core isolation). This will allow smooth progression to exercises of increasing intensity and you will quickly feel the results in core strength and tone.


A powerhouse class focussing on developing the ‘girdle of strength’, resulting in a flatter tummy and trimmer waist.


A challenging class working the whole body using different equipment.The focus is on developing core endurance, strength and flexibility for a toned, stronger and more supple body.


We will work closely with your Health Practitioner to design a progressive programme which will return you to optimum fitness.


Pilates can be continued throughout pregnancy and from 4-6 weeks post natal. It is vital to keep the core and pelvic muscles strong so that you can quickly get the flat abs you desire after having children.


A class just for men which adresses upper body tension, spinal flexibilty, tightened hamstrings. We will focus on developing strong core muscles and stabilise the spine to generally feel fitter and stronger for the rigours of everyday life.


Whether you are in an Elite sport or take up sport socially it is imperative to have a strong core and back in order to perform to the best of your ability.


Children will benefit from learning how to stabilise their core muscles as soon as possible in order to maintain body strength as they grow. Maintaining a positive body image is imperative for teenage girls.

Our classes will have a maximum of 8 clients per session. We want to get to know you, motivate you, progress you and ensure that you achieve your goals and develop a passion for Pilates.

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